Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? VS John McCain

I believe this US Presidential Campaign leading to US Presidential Election in November 2008 is one of the most exciting and ground breaking election campaigns worldwide.

Barack Obama whom had recently swept 10 straight triumphs over fellow Democratic Hillary Clinton seems to be the likely presidential candidate to campaign against Republician leading candidate John McCain.

What happened to Hilliary who seems to have a well-oiled machinery supporting her campaign since elected as Senator for New York 4 years ago?

He is the idealist with motivational speeches urging for change. She is the POWER-house politician with things in place as president. Who would American vote for as president? Perhaps John McCain?- who will support worldly peace (or for the oil? Oops...) by keeping US troops in Iraq? Maybe the conservatives will like John McCain?

But based on the Lunar Calendar Year this is the Year of Earth Rat. It signifies a bumpy year of change, so it seems that this Obama guy might had ride on the right year to likely win the presidential campaign. Hmm....let's see....4 Nov 2008.

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