Friday, February 29, 2008

Edison Chen - More Explicit Photos Circulated!

News had that a Hong Kong police officer, who was in-charge of Edison Chen explicit photos case, had out-of-greed sold thousand of photos downloaded from his laptop when he was back in Hong Kong for investigation!

These photos, not previously circulated, besides identified Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan, apparently involved 6 more Hong Kong A-list female celebrities, daughter of a casino tycoon, an A-list HK male celebrity(Yu Wen Le) and an undentified man. Rumoured female celebrities are Maggie-Q/Amanda, Shu Qi, Rosanne, singer Yang Qian Hua, Cecilia Cheung's sister-in-law (Xie Ting Ting), Ho Chao Yi, Deng Li Xing.

Edison Chen & Shu Qi

Deng Li Xing

Xie Ting Ting (Cecelia Chung's sister-in-law)
Edison Chen had also secretly flew back to Los Angeles via Bangkok. He had joined Hollywood based William Morris agency and will be starred in a new movie beginning in mid March. Look's like his acting career is taking off in Hollywood instead!

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