Monday, March 31, 2008

Gillian Chung to restage comeback after vacation leave

Gillian Chung's career almost came to a halt after her sex photos with Edison Chen were widely circulated a month ago during the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. One of the management in Emperor Entertainment Group(EEG) - Gillian's management agency, Mani, told the press yesterday that Gillian Chung will re-stage a comeback after her vacation cum enrichment courses in Japan. EEG stressed that Twins, Gillian Chung's singing duo group, will still continue to cut albums. However, Gillian and her partner, Ah Sa will be cast in different roles in the movies to differentiate their acting path and image. Mani said,"Gillian had reached a different level, she had matured and will not be typecast as the sweet girl next door image as she used to.....Gillian is now brushing up her singing, dancing skills and English language."

In fact, EEG also acknowledged that Gillian Chung might take on a role in a Hollywood movie on the Edison Chen's scandal; confirming earlier rumours. But they declined to reveal further details as it involved changing an initial cast, another Hong Kong actress, Liang Luo Shi, for the movie.

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Nicholas Tse erratic behaviour on streets of Hong Kong

Nicholas Tse was spotted on last Friday evening, 28 March, behaving strangely on the streets of Hong Kong. He was seen in running shorts, wearing gloves, sunglasses and a silver jacket jogging on streets of Causeway Bay, smiling widely to onlookers and fans.When one of the fans requested to take photos with him, Nicholas obliged.

He was then seen uttering some words to his driver before dashing across to HMV in Causeway Bay. He was apparently enquiring something in HMV, after which running back to his car before his driver drove him home.
Tabloid news speculated that Nicholas Tse could be under tremendous stress from Cecilia Cheung and her mom, Deborah after the Edison Chen's photo sex scandal, and was hence behaving erratically to face off pressure.

He had a week ago appeared in his new movie's press conference clarifying that his relationship with Cecilia Cheung is still intact by wearing their wedding band and a "love" pendant together on a necklace. But he was close to half his usual size with sharp jaws prominently seen.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married?

Despite reports that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are wedded in a New Orleans church on Saturday, it was reported that there was "no wedding."
The family apparently spent a weekend in New Orleans two weeks ago – as Brad Pitt broke ground on his "Make It Right" project to help rebuild the city's Lower Ninth Ward – but they have recently been in the Austin, Texas, area while Pitt films "Tree of Life" with Sean Penn.

Angelina Jolie, who stars in the action film "Wanted", opening in June, is pregnant and due later this year.
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Donald Trump wants Ashley Dupre in Reality Show

US Tabloid Magazine, People reported that Ashley Alexander Dupre has been asked to join the cast "My Fair Lady-style" MTV reality show .

The still-untitled show, produced by Donald Trump Productions was picked up by MTV for eight hour-long episodes. Based on a British show called Ladette to Lady, the show will take a group of 15 hard-partying young women and send them off to a boarding school environment where they’ll learn to become more ladylike.

“She’s the perfect candidate,” the show insider says of Dupre, the 22-year-old at the center of New York's ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. The show has not yet heard back from Dupré with any reaction to the offer.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Madame Sarkozy, Carla Bruni steals limelight in UK State Visit

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, flanked by his model wife Carla Bruni, was greeted with pomp by Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday for the first French state visit in more than a decade.Prince Charles and Princess Camilia had greeted and welcomed the French glamorous first couple at the airport (see pic below), whose visit comes weeks after they married following a high-profile, whirlwind romance.
Dressed in a demure gray coat and wearing a small, stylish hat, Carla Bruni smiled politely and curtsied as she shook hands with the Queen and then chatted animatedly with the monarch's 86-year-old husband, Prince Philip. (see pic below)
Thousands of people gathered on the streets of Windsor said they had come to see not only the Queen but also Carla Bruni, a former fashion model born in Italy who has also enjoyed a successful career as a singer and songwriter. (see pic below)As a band played and flags were waved, the French couple and the Queen and Prince Philip were taken into the grounds of Windsor Castle in horse-drawn carriages, where they inspected a parade of marching royal guardsmen. Bystanders were thrilled at the spectacle.

The couple will spend the night at the castle, just outside of London. (see pic below)
The Queen, who speaks fluent French, and Sarkozy, who speaks little English, chatted politely as they walked in the courtyard of Windsor Castle, while multi-lingual Carla Bruni and Prince Philip were more animated in their discussions (see pic below).
As they stood in a line, Carla Bruni, who is 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall, towered over her husband, who at around 5 foot 5 inches is much closer in height to the Queen.Some British newspapers had greeted the arrival of France's head of state by publishing pictures of his wife, Carla posing naked for a fashion shoot more than 15 years ago.

And most eyes and cameras were on Carla Bruni, who Sarkozy married just four months after he divorced his second wife Cecilia.

After months of often damaging headlines at home, Sarkozy may be hoping that images of him in royal surroundings, will stand him in better stead.

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Gillian Chung's Twins partner, Ah Sa breakdown

After Edison Chen's sex photo scandal, Gillian Chung had been avoiding the Hong Kong media glare by going overseas for two months vacation break, her Twins' partner, Ah Sa had got all the wrong media attention instead. And Ah Sa is facing a breakdown, according to latest reports from Hong Kong "East Magazine" and "3 weekly". Ah Sa was reportedly facing tremendous pressure answering the media's questions regarding Gillian Chung whereabouts after Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal. She was also asked to take over some of Gillian Chung's movie role and singing commitments. Hence she loses a lot of weight due to loss in appetite(see pic above)and meeting tight datelines. Ah Sa was also spotted buying eye drops to cure her red swollen eyes(see pic above)as East Magazine reported that she was seen crying almost daily at home due to the surmounting pressure and develops insomnia lately.On the other hand, Gillian's celebrity beau, Juno Mak(pic above) was reported to be talking to Gillian daily on the phone and rumoured to have met Gillian overseas to celebrate his 24th birthday lately.

Juno was also replying to Ah Sa's criticism that he should have written clearly and not hinted in his blog on an overseas resort escapade with Gillian Chung,"What I've written in the blog was just like writing my diary to my fans, if they choose to make speculation, I couldn't help on that...".

Ah Sa apparently was asked by the HK media several times if Gillian had an overseas escapade with Juno Mak after what he had written on his blog.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nude portrait photo of Sarkozy's wife, France first lady, for auction

WARNING : Only persons comfortable with what the French consider nudity should read more below where there are uncensored photos.

A nude portrait of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni will go under the hammer in New York next month, according to auctioneers Christie's. The 13 x 10 1/8 inch gelatin silver black and white photograph was taken in 1993, when Bruni was one of the world's top fashion models, and is being sold by art collector Gert Elfering.

It is expected to fetch $3,000 to $4,000 when it is sold in New York on April 10, according to the Christie's web site.

Sarkozy married Bruni, 40, in February after a whirlwind romance that began shortly after his divorce from his second wife Cecilia. Their relationship has coincided with a sharp fall in Sarkozy's approval ratings which have tumbled as voters judged that the president's glitzy lifestyle jarred with his responsibilities and status as head of state.

Sarkozy and his new wife are due to pay a state visit to Britain this week during which they will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. Word had that Carla Bruni is horrified.
But the auction house has defended its upcoming sale by saying that the photos are works of art and that Carla is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Bruni's black-and-white photo shows the model standing topless in a studio covering her privates with cupped hands (see auction photo below).

Other photos included in the nude model auction: Giselle Bundchen and Kate Moss.

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Zhang Zi Yi embarrassed at the Olympic Lighting Ceremony

Zhang Zi Yi wrote in her blog yesterday that she was upset she was not included as one of the Olympic torchbearer after being shortlisted. The media also suspected that it got to do with an embrassing momemt at the recent Olympic Lighting Cermony held in Olympia, Greece.Apparently, she was invited by the Chinese official to witness the Olympic Lighting Cermony in Olympia, Greece on Monday, 24 March. However, she was only given a media pass instead of a VIP pass. The embrassment came when she was stopped by security officer while trying to enter the Hera Temple where only those with VIP pass could enter.
Though her co-worker tried to explain to the security officer that she is a "Superstar", Zhang Zi Yi was still refused outside the temple and had to follow the main crowd in witnessing the event.

The Beijing Olympic flame was ignited in a traditional sun-ray ceremony at 11:45 a.m. on Monday at the Hera Temple of Ancient Olympia, Greece(See pic below).
Greek actress Maria Nafpliotou, playing the role of a high priestess, kindles a pot with the Olympic flame during the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony. (Pic above)
Whereas Taiwanese singer cum actor, Wang Li Hom (see pic above) was excited and elated that he is the 17th torchbearer in the Olympic Lighting Cermony.

Gillian Chung out of CCTV Beijing Olympics Show

After being identified as one of the women involved in Edison Chen's photo sex scandal, Gillian Chung's career had taken a big toll. Her group Twins is literally not invited to a high profile CCTV Beijing Olympics show in end April though many of her fellows singers and actors in Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) like Nicholas Tse, Joey Yeung and Yumiko are confirmed in the list of attendees.According to unofficial reports, Beijing CCTV had taken a strong stand against performers with any "unhealthy records or image" due to the incoming Beijing Olympics in August. CCTV had apparently blacklisted Edison Chen, Cecilia Cheung, Twins(Gillian Chung in particular) and even Tang Wei, lead female stars in Lee Ang's latest sex thriller movie Lust Caution.

Nevertheless, Twins's Manager, Huo Wen Xi, said that,"Gillian is on leave and her partner Ah Sa is filming a movie in Thailand now, so Twins could not attend the CCTV show.......Nicholas Tse will be appearing in the show...". The irony is that Nicholas Tse is also cast in the same movie as Ah Sa.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Gave US$8M to Charity

News cameras have captured Brad Pitt building homes in New Orleans, US and now US federal tax filings for the Jolie Pitt Foundation have documented the good works that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing behind the scenes.

They gave more than US$8 million in donations in 2006, with Pitt putting in $4,402,317, and Jolie donating $4,123,613, the Huffington Post reports, citing newly released federal tax filings.In terms of dispensing their funds, according to records for 2006, the foundation handed out $2,367,935 to both Doctors Without Borders (International Division) and to the Global Action for Children.

Additional gifts included $137,935 to the Namibia Red Cross Action Program (their daughter Shiloh was born in the African country); $100,000 to the Daniel Pearl Foundation (the late journalist's widow, Marianne Pearl, was played by Jolie in A Mighty Heart); $100,000 to Global Green U.S.A. and to the Epidermolysis Bulloma Medical Research Foundation.

In addition, $20,000 went to an art park in Los Angeles, as did separate $5,000 donations to two orphanages that Jolie had visited

Angelina Jolie-expecting twins, was seen showing off her growing baby bump during a stop at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Austin, Texas, this month (See pic above). The actress and her family have been in Texas as Brad Pitt continues work on his movie "Tree of Life".
The Jolie-Pitt family currently consists of Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and Shiloh, 1.

Which record company will Jolin Tsai & Stephanie Sun go after EMI closed Asia operation?

According to a website "One Two Music", EMI will cease their Asia Pacific operations and will not produce any Chinese music records after Easter Day on 25 March.

A media checked with Vice President of the China operation, Ms Joanna Huang and she replied,"There are no signs that EMI is ceasing their Asia Pacific operations......EMI is a big international company and we will definitely inform the media if there is any announcement."

EMI Asia signed powerhouse singers like Taiwanese Jolin Tsai (see first pic below), Ah Mei -Zhang Hui Mei and Singaporean Stephanie Sun.According to reports, singer Ah Mei, Zhang Hui Mei (below) claimed she will stay with EMI records regardless of any movement or changes as she had worked well with Ms Joanna Huang in producing her records.
Last year, an investment company, Terra Firma had bought UK based EMI Records for GBP3.2billion and the new CEO, Guy Hands (See pic below) had announced to slash over 2000 jobs to cut expenses.Fans will be eagerly waiting for news of Jolin Tsai or Stephanie Sun should EMI Asia Pacific annouce their closure of EMI Asia Pacific operation.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on Ski Vacation

Prince William, 25, and girlfriend, Kate Middleton, 26, hit the slopes last week in the Swiss resort of Klosters – a favorite of the British royals and the place where the couple were first revealed to be seriously dating four years ago.
This year, Middleton looked more comfortable than ever in the royal fold as William's father, Prince Charles, arrived at the resort on Thursday night and joined the pair skiing on Friday and Saturday. Middleton's inclusion in family events adds fuel to speculation that William – second in line for the throne after his father – could one day make her his princess bride.

The night before Prince Charles arrived in town, the couple got some partying out of their system as they hit the resort's pricey disco, Casa Antica, with friends.

Throughout the week, onlookers watched as the young couple flirted, giggled and touched affectionately. They rode ski lifts together, stuck by each other's side as they swooshed down the mountain.
"They were out on there [on the slopes] together. They looked like they were having a nice time," one onlooker tells PEOPLE. "At one point they had a little cuddle."

Their routine never wavered even as blinding snow, strong winds and icy temperatures hovering around zero made ski conditions difficult. They would ski all morning and have lunch at one of the many restaurants dotted around the mountain resort – including a pizzeria one day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sarkozy's Ex-Cecilia Pre-Wedding Celebration

The French are certainly quick to find partners after their divorce.

France's former first lady, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, 50, and Attias (see pic below), a 48-year-old Moroccan-born public relations executive, plan to tie the knot Sunday in a civil ceremony before 148 guests, with a reception at Rockefeller Center to follow.

Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, along with fiance Richard Attias and two bus loads of family and friends, attended Saturday night's performance of Mamma Mia! at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway – as a pre-wedding celebration

During the Broadway show, the couple sat in the center of the theater three rows from the back in the orchestra section. At intermission, they mingled with guests. The soon-to-be newlyweds even got a shout-out at the end of the show from cast member Andy Kelso, who said, "And congratulations to Cecilia and Richard!"

Ciganer-Albeniz divorced current French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Oct. 18 after 11 years of marriage. Sarkozy wed former model Carla Bruni (See pic below) on Feb. 2.

Leon Lai celebrates wedding in Hong Kong

Leon Lai was spotted celebrating his wedding with a bunch of friends in Causeway Bay on 19 March after he was back in Hong Kong last week. Though Leon Lai and his just married wife, Gaile had been keeping tight lips on their wedding held in Maldives on 13 March.
Leon Lai and Gaile had so far replied,'No comment" on their wedding reports.

However, on 19 March, when Leon was seen sending off his friends in a pub at Causeway Bay, he was apparently in a extremely high mood. He partied till 3am in the morning and was blushing red with all the drinking.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Jennifer Lopez and her Twins on People Magazine

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to a pair of Twins boy and girl on 22 February in New York and they are now on the latest cover of People Magazine. The twins are named Max and Emme.
According to some tabloid news, People Magazine had apparently paid about US$5 million for the world exclusive rights of Jennifer and her twins' photos. People Magazine denied this but refused to make further comments.

Leon Lai and Gaile's Wedding Place Pictures

Leon Lai and girlfriend of 3 years, Gaile were married last Thursday 13 March in Maldives. And the pictures of the luxurious resort in an exclusive Maldives island, where the wedding took place, are here :

The resort is about 5000 sq.ft and cost about HK$40,000 per night.
Though Leon had so far reportedly only said,"Thank you" to the Hong Kong media, his wife now, Gaile, was less forwarding, and merely reply the media via sms,"....we are taking a vacation....will be back in Taiwan next week for work...".

Leon Lai apparently also bought a HK$6 million house in St.Andrew Place, Hong Kong (see pic above & below) in Oct last year in preparation of their marriage.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Edison Chen is secretly back to Hong Kong from US

According to a Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Edison Chen is a spotted with a Caucasian girl in a Hong Kong hotel far away from the town centre lately. He was apparently staying on the 9th floor (see top right picture below), a smoking floor of Emmy Hotel (艾美酒店).

Witness leaked news to the Hong Kong daily that on the 9 March about 5 pm, he saw Edison Chen coming out from Emmy Hotel, Digital Harbour(数码港). ".....he was wearing T-shirts and jeans, shopping in Digital harbour shopping centre with a Caucasian lady in her twenties. He seemed relax and was joking with the lady, but he quickly bent down his head when he discovered somebody starring at him...."

After Edison Chen went back in Hong Kong for public apology and assisting HK police investigation last month over his sex photo scandal, he reportedly flew back to the US to embark on his Hollywood career. He had signed up with a Hollywood based, William Morris agency

The Hong Kong Daily reported that their reliable source had informed them that Edison Chen merely took a round-about trip via Bangkok instead of flying to the US last month. He did not stay in his house in the exclusive Mid Hill district or the Four Season Hotel as he did previously. Instead, he had chosen Emmy Hotel which is far away from the crowded Hong Kong town centre.

Apparently, Edison had planned to migrate to the US permanently and hence decided to settle some of his personal errands in Hong Kong before his new movie course starts next month. The report also mentioned that Edison had reached an agreement with Emmy Hotel that in any case of "emergency", he will leave the hotel via a secret passage.

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Edison Chen's Sex Scandal: Gillian Chung seeks Divine help in Thailand

Gillian Chung was spotted in Thailand seeking divine help! She was secretly shot by a witness using his handphone (See pic below).

According to reports, a small bunch of hair from Gillian, about 5 cm long, was cut and put in a plastic bag. The White Dragon King who perform the ritual, was then heard chanting and said,"The boss is ok, but the singer is not ok!"The White Dragon King is refering "the singer" as Gillian Chung and "the boss" as Albert Yeung, CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG). Albert Yeung had apparently brought the group Twins (Gillian Chung and Ah Sa) to the White Dragon King Temple in Thailand to pray after Gillian was badly affected by the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. The Twins is on the verge of breaking up after the scandal due to diving decline in Gillian Chung's popularity. Witnesses said Albert Yeung was in dismay after what the White Dragon King had told him. The White Dragon King in Thailand is very popular with Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities seeking divine help. Edison Chen's boss, Lim Jian Yue, was also in Thailand recently to pray and seek advise.

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Cecilia Cheung under stress after Edison Chen's sex photo scandal

After being exposed as one of the women involved in Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal, almost all of Cecilia Cheung's works are halted, and she is now under tremendous stress and financial pressure.

Apparently, Cecilia Cheung was persuaded by her mum to buy a house, worth HK$3.93 million, in Hong Kong Yuan Lan district for investment recently (See pic below). Cecilia's mum and her mum's boyfriend are staying in the district.As the house is more than 20 years old, an overhaul renovation is needed either to sell or rent it. According to Hong Kong latest"Next Magazine", Cecilia's mum had requested for the best building materials for the house. But after 1 week of renovation, Cecilia Cheung was bugged with the Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal, her nude and explicit photos taken by Edison Chen were circulated widely in the internet. Cecilia's works came to an almost complete halt after her Chinese advertisement on a hygiene product was banned and sued by the Chinese authority for violation of rules and regulations.
On 28 Feb, paparazzi from "Next Magazine" overheard Cecilia's mum talking and complaining loudly on the phone (See pic above) to Cecilia on the mass created in the house(See pic below). She requested Cecilia to do something about it.
It was also reported that, even though Cecilia Cheung is already married to Nicholas Tse, she still needs to support her own family financially.

So it seems that Cecilia Cheung's recent flare of temper to her son and maids are not unfounded.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spitzer call girl Dupre in Nude Video

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the call girl at the center of the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal, watched the potential earnings from her new-found fame drop by $1 million on Tuesday as old nude videos of her emerged.

Adult DVD distributor "Girls Gone Wild" discovered videos of a semi-nude Dupre, now 22, in its archives and plans to sell them on its Web site, a company spokesman said. "Girls Gone Wild" had offered to pay Dupre $1 million to pose nude in a magazine it plans to launch but, after discovering the old footage, the company withdrew its offer.

Last week, Spitzer resigned as governor of New York after news surfaced he had paid for a sexual encounter in Washington, D.C. The New York Times revealed that Dupre was the prostitute he had hired.

A "Girls Gone Wild" video crew met Dupre in Miami in 2003 and she stayed with them for a week shooting videos, the spokesman said.

Nicholas Tse:"I knew what Cecilia Chung did in the past"

Nicholas Tse showed his wedding ring to prove to the media that his relationship with Cecilia Chung is still intact and is not in the middle of a divorce. He was attending a media conference for his new movie "Feng Yun Episode 2" yesterday where he was bombarded with questions on the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal instead of his movie. Nicholas Tse apparently wore his wedding band and a pendant with "Love" together on a silver necklace (See Pic below) to dispel all rumours surrounding his marriage with Cecilia Chung, one of the women involved in Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal.
Nicholas Tse also denied that Cecilia Chung is pregnant and that he had already knew of her past before marrying her.

He said,"We didn't know that the whole issue(Edison Chen's photo scandal) would be blown up in such a big way......I hope it could be over soon and that nobody would mention about it again......"

Asked by reporter if he would want to have another kid, Nicholas replied that he hoped to have another son as there would be more things to worry on a daughter. He also claimed that Cecilia Chung is currently not pregnant.

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