Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Britney Spears with New Lover

Britney Spears made first public appearance with her rumoured new man, Jason Trawick, an agent with William Morris talent agency that looks after the star, together at a party for Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier.

The singer is embarking on her first relationship since splitting from love-rat Brummie photographer Adnan Ghalib in February.

Their relationship surfaced as recent intimate pictures of the pop princess and Jason Trawick enjoying a luxury holiday on actor Mel Gibson’s £12million ranch in Costa Rica, along with her father Jamie, came to light.
A source told New! magazine: 'They [Britney and Jason] had a great time in Costa Rica and they also got a chance to enjoy some quality romantic time together...Britney totally trusts him and she has very deep feelings for him...It’s now got to the point where Britney wants to be with him full time.'
Since her meltdown earlier this year, which saw Britney Spear sectioned, and lose custody of her children, Britney has slowly been rebuilding her career. And agent Jason, who works for the William Morris Agency, has been a key factor in Britney’s road to recovery.

The insider said: "Jason was deeply saddened when she lost it and he made it his personal mission to see she comes back..It was Jason who was one of the key figures who helped Britney to reunite with her parents and, in turn, get herself back on track.....He was also behind her reuniting with her former manager Larry Rudolph, and getting her involved with the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother'."

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Edison Chen Not in "Batman" Premiere

"Batman: The Dark Knight" will premiere in Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel on June 29 with the director and main cast of the movie present for the press conference.

Edison Chen who is a cop and have a short interlude with Morgan Freeman in the movie, did not appear to be on the list even though he is in America building his Hollywood career.

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Gillian Chung Rejected for Quake Charity Show

Gillian Chung's management company, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), did not approve of her request to appear on a China Sichuan quake charity show. Her manager said,"It's not time yet (for her to appear in the audience)".

EEG has organised a quake donation drive in which Gillian Chung also donated about HK$10K. On June 1, Hong Kong will organise a Quake Charity Show in which most of EEG artistes will sing and perform in an appeal for donation to the quake victims; but EEG thinks that the time is not "ripe" for Gillian Chung to appear in the show.
Gillian's manager, Mani, also elaborates that the company had really flew Gillian Chung out of Hong Kong for her training a few days ago. Late last week, she was spotted training hard in a Hong Kong dance studio by paparazzi which prompted the company to send her overseas so that she would not be distracted by the media.

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Carina Lau:"Tony Leung is Very Important to Me"

Carina Lau is in the latest issue of Hong Kong premier magazine "Style Lady". During the interview, she stressed that her beau of 20 years, Tony Leung, whom she'll marry at the end of this year, is very important to her even with the stream of rumours about her with other men all these years. Below is an excerpt of the interview.On marriage:"I hope to get married and really wish to put on the wedding gown, but I have witnessed too many broken relationships and the wedding ceremony, to me, is just a formality. Based on my (profound) relationship with Tony, it doesn't really matter whether we are married. Nevertheless, our years of relationship do not come easy, so I value the importance of this (wedding) ceremony."

On Tony Leung:"I'm very lucky to have him by my side all these years especially I have experienced more lows than highs.....there's somebody who admires, supports and gives you confidence....sometimes, after an awards ceremony, I'll tell him that I've lost again and asked him why didn't I get the award even after working so hard. He'll console me by saying that luck is not on my side yet....His voice is very important to me."

On her regrets:"My dad passed away without witnessing my wedding ceremony, that's what I could not compensate in any way; now that my mom is still alive, I hope I will not live with another regret in my life again.'"

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Joey Yung Flew Sichuan Quake Zone to Comfort Victims

Hong Kong actress, Joey Yung flew to China Sichuan quake area this morning for a three days visit in her quest to comfort the quake victims. She said she will not cause a delay or burden to rescuers by bringing her own food and at the same time, an assistant with her.
Joey Yung said that she wanted to do her part by letting the quake victims knew that they are not alone and that there are people who are supporting and concerned about them. She had also donated money earlier to the quake victims.

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"Injured" Nicholas Tse in China Quake Donation Activity

An "injured" Nicholas Tse appeared at his company, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), cheque handling ceremony to Hong Kong Chinese Donation Drive to the Sichuan quake victims. Nicholas Tse shocked the media with his look - he has a bandage on his hand with "cuts" all over his face.
His manager from EEG, Mani, explained later that Nicholas Tse was filming a new movie "Witness" and was given a short notice to attend this event, hence he had to appear with his props attire and make-up. In fact, after the event, Nicholas Tse had to rush back to continue with his filming. Other artiste in the ceremony includes Joey Yung.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sharon Stone Slammed for "Karma" Remark

Sharon Stone has been slammed for saying that the May 12 China Sichuan's earthquake was "karma" for China's treatment of Tibet. At an Aids fund-raiser at the Cannes Film Festival last Thursday, Stone had said:"Well, you know, it's very interesting...I'm unhappy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to any one else....I've been concerned about, oh, how should we deal with the Olympics? Because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who's a good friend of mine. and then the earthquake and this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice, the bad things happen to you."
Hong Kong actress, Karena Lam said that Sharon Stone should not have linked a natural disaster to Tibet's independence movement at an earthquake fund-raiser in Hong Kong on Sunday. Macau actress-singer Maria Cordero said Stone was "China's public enemy" and called for a boycott of the 'Basic Instinct" star.

Indeed, Hong Kong "Apple Daily" reported yesterday that future films starring Sharon Stone are unlikely to premiere in China as the bosses of cinema companies do not think that her films will be a box office hit after her remark. Looks like Sharon Stone has lost her basic instinct!

Jang Hyuk Getting Married on 2 June 2008

Korean heart-throb, Jang Hyuk is getting married next week on June 2 to his long time sweet heart Kim Yuh Jin, who is two years older than him. Their wedding ceremony will take place at West Seoul - Walkerhill.

In their wedding invitation, they wrote,"We hope to have a big family and we are holding this wedding ceremony as we want to continue living in gentle gaze with each other".

Jang Hyuk met Kim Yu Jin in 2002 when Jang Hyuk learned Pilates from her and they were engaged in June last year after 5 years of courtship. They have a coming 4 months old baby named "Tae Hee" meaning "Grand happiness'.

Jang Hyuk starred in his first Hollywood movie "Dance of the Dragon" with Singaporean actress Fann Wong which premiered in April. He had also recently promoted his latest Korean drama "Bulhandang" in Tokyo and Osaka where a fan reportedly gave him a antique watch which Jang Hyuk's idol, Bruce Lee, wore in the 60's.

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Rain & Lee Hyo-lee in Credit Card Ads

Korean stars, Lee Hyo-lee and Rain Ji-hoon, who lately starred in Hollywood movie "Speed Racer", are the spokesperson in a credit card advertisement.
Rain and Lee Hyo-lee looked deeply into each other in one of the scene.

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Elva Hsiao is a Sexy Speed Racer in Her New Music Video

Taiwan pop star, Elva Hsiao was a sexy speed racer in her new music video titled "More more more". Elva revealed a almost bare back with translucent black bra and was wearing a pair torn jeans that exposed her long legs in the new music video. The MV apparently cost about US$720k and was filmed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Elva Hsiao had reportedly trained hard to perfect her role in the new music video which required her to train in new dance steps and Chinese wushu. She was rumoured to have spent about 7 hours daily in the dance studio practising with only about 5 minutes rest. And a Chinese wushu instructor was also engaged to train her in the wushu scene (see pic below).
Elva Hsiao acknowledged that it was tough filming her new music video. She needs to endure being tied to a gauzed rope for the wushu scene almost the whole day, causing serious abrasion in her thighs and making her dizzy.

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Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong Continue Romance in Monaco

Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong arrived in Monaco after partying at designer Dolce and Gabbana's party in Cannes where they were seen kissing and cuddling. The pair were seen leaving their hotel in Monaco together to take a boat trip.
Lance Armstrong, seven-times Tour de France winner, went public on his romance with Kate Hudson, who announced her split from Owen Wilson a fortnight ago. Kate Hudson started dating Armstrong after sparks flew at a private New York dinner party.

A source said,"Kate and Lance have been dating for a couple of weeks. She thought it was funny when people were writing recently that she was engaged to Owen because the reality was that they had split again and she was secretly seeing Lance. "She and Lance are both physical, passionate people, she's never been happier."They have apparently known each other for a while and Lance Armstrong is one of Owen's good friends. “When Kate was with Owen, she got to know Lance really well but they hooked up again recently at a dinner party thrown by a mutual friend and that's when the romance began,"a source said.

Lance Armstrong beat testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs in 1996, going on to win by almost superhuman effort the Tour de France a record-breaking seven consecutive times. Their romance will no doubt come as a serious blow to Owen Wilson, 39, who last summer, attempted suicide after she was spotted kissing another actor. They rekindled their relationship briefly in March this year but their relationship stalled again, and now Kate Hudson, 29, has clearly moved on.

Owen Wilson is said to be a good friend of Lance Armstrong and it is the second time Armstrong, 36, has moved in one of Owen’s ex. He previously had a three-year romance with singer Sheryl Crow only to see Armstrong move in after they split and get engaged to the pop star.

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Happy Birthday Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

Shiloh, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's biological daughter, is two-year-old today! Happy Birthday cutie.....She is born in Namibia, Africa on 27 May 2006.

Shiloh currently has three elder siblings Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3.

Shiloh will add two more siblings this August or earlier as mommy, Angelina Jolie is expecting twins and will be giving birth in France. Brad Pitt and Jolie bought a French Chateau last week and intend to house & raise their brood there.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Gillian Chung Wedding Photos

Is Gillian Chung married? Why is she shot in these series of wedding photos? Are these the photos from her new movie?

It seems that Gillian Chung had privately shot these wedding photos with an unidentified man before the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal broke out, where her explicit sex photos with Edison Chen were splashed all over the internet.

Gillian certainly looked very sweet and like a woman whom every man hope to marry in these photos. Maybe her rumoured beau, Juno Mak, Hong Kong singer, wishes that he is the man in the photos.

Gillian Chung was spotted secretly training very hard on dancing, singing skills and kungfu lately to revamp her nose-diving singing and acting career after the scandal.

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Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong Romancing in Cannes

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong, who sparked romance rumors recently by spending the weekend together in Texas, put the speculation to rest on Friday night in the restroom of a party in Cannes, France.

At the annual party thrown by fashion giant Dolce & Gabbana, Kate and her cyclist beau were openly getting romantic, sharing kisses and embraces in the crowded VIP area of the bash inside Baoli restaurant. "Rather than draw attention to themselves by demanding a table, they jostled for space on the dance floor," one witness tells OK! magazine. "They swayed with each other and kissed and laughed and held hands."

A partygoer also caught the actress bent over a sink, where she was cleaning a white men's shirt. Kate Hudson reportedly blushed and laughed when asked what was she doing and then Lance Armstrong walked out of a stall topless!"

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