Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jackie Chan's Dad dies!

Jackie Chan is in mourning after his father, Charles Chan, died of prostate cancer in a Hong Kong hospital on Tuesday at age 93.

Jackie's wife, former actress Lin Feng Jiao and his singer-actor son Jaycee Chan were by the older Chan's side when he died. Jackie Chan was also due to fly to Australia where the funeral will be held and where his father will be buried with his mother, Lily Chan, who died in 2002. He was reportedly calm when he heard news of his father's death and even continued his filming.

Brief bibliography of Jackie Chan's Dad :

- Born in China as Fang Daolong;
- Former Kuomintang secret agent who fled to Hong Kong from communist Chinese in 1951; later changed his name to Charles Chan Chi Ping to hide from the communists.

- Charles had two sons with his first wife who died in 1947; He fled China, leaving his two young sons behind when the communists came to power in 1949. But in 1985, he reunited with his two older sons in China.
- Jackie was born to him and his second wife Lily in 1954 when he worked as a cook for the French embassy in Hong Kong.

-Charles later went to Australia to be a chef at an embassy while his wife worked as a maid. They left Jackie, then a little boy, to board at a Peking Operal school, where Jackie reportedly had very harsh training with 2 other Hong Kong KungFu stars, Hong Jin Bao & Yuan Biao.

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