Friday, February 29, 2008

Edison Chen - More Explicit Photos Circulated!

News had that a Hong Kong police officer, who was in-charge of Edison Chen explicit photos case, had out-of-greed sold thousand of photos downloaded from his laptop when he was back in Hong Kong for investigation!

These photos, not previously circulated, besides identified Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan, apparently involved 6 more Hong Kong A-list female celebrities, daughter of a casino tycoon, an A-list HK male celebrity(Yu Wen Le) and an undentified man. Rumoured female celebrities are Maggie-Q/Amanda, Shu Qi, Rosanne, singer Yang Qian Hua, Cecilia Cheung's sister-in-law (Xie Ting Ting), Ho Chao Yi, Deng Li Xing.

Edison Chen & Shu Qi

Deng Li Xing

Xie Ting Ting (Cecelia Chung's sister-in-law)
Edison Chen had also secretly flew back to Los Angeles via Bangkok. He had joined Hollywood based William Morris agency and will be starred in a new movie beginning in mid March. Look's like his acting career is taking off in Hollywood instead!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

US, Singapore & Abu Dhabi in talks on Sovereign Wealth funds(SWF)

US officials met executive representatives from Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (the world's biggest SWF with assets of about US$900 billion), and Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) to discuss draft rules that will govern the behaviour of SWFs.

Both investment groups had recently injected huge funds to Citigroup, Merillyn Lynch and UBS which are hit by huge write off from the US mortgage crisis. In fact, Swiss giant UBS's shareholders had just approved last night an 11 billion Swiss franc injection by GIC, apparently in a tense and marathon meeting.

It is interesting to note that there's a growing suspicion over government-owned investment funds, particularly those owned in Asia (esp. China & Singapore) and Middle East. Perhaps it is due to their unwillingness thus far to disclose much about their operations. But I think it would be unwise of European and US government to increase protectionism over these funds due to their own suspicion.

The questions they should perhaps ask themselves : Have their dominance and injection of investment, perhaps mainly by huge private coporations, in the world raise eyebrows? Or were these viewed purely as business invesments? Why is there fear of rising dominant Asia and Middle East?

Have they "moved your cheese"?

Jackie Chan's Dad dies!

Jackie Chan is in mourning after his father, Charles Chan, died of prostate cancer in a Hong Kong hospital on Tuesday at age 93.

Jackie's wife, former actress Lin Feng Jiao and his singer-actor son Jaycee Chan were by the older Chan's side when he died. Jackie Chan was also due to fly to Australia where the funeral will be held and where his father will be buried with his mother, Lily Chan, who died in 2002. He was reportedly calm when he heard news of his father's death and even continued his filming.

Brief bibliography of Jackie Chan's Dad :

- Born in China as Fang Daolong;
- Former Kuomintang secret agent who fled to Hong Kong from communist Chinese in 1951; later changed his name to Charles Chan Chi Ping to hide from the communists.

- Charles had two sons with his first wife who died in 1947; He fled China, leaving his two young sons behind when the communists came to power in 1949. But in 1985, he reunited with his two older sons in China.
- Jackie was born to him and his second wife Lily in 1954 when he worked as a cook for the French embassy in Hong Kong.

-Charles later went to Australia to be a chef at an embassy while his wife worked as a maid. They left Jackie, then a little boy, to board at a Peking Operal school, where Jackie reportedly had very harsh training with 2 other Hong Kong KungFu stars, Hong Jin Bao & Yuan Biao.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Edison Chen is back in Hong Kong for Public Apology

Finally, Edison Chen flew back from Canada to Hong Kong to account for the scandalous photos that he had taken of some Hong Kong female stars like Gillian Chung, Cecelia Cheung, Bobo Chan while they were having their sex escapade.

Some classic phrases from him :
"...these photos are taken by me......these photos were very private, and have never been shown or intended to be shown to anyone......"

"I'd like to apologise to the ladies and their families for any harm or hurt that they've been feeling......"

"...These photos were stolen from me illegally and distributed without my consent....whoever obtained these photos had uploaded them on the Internet and with malicious and deliberate intent.."

Edison Chen said he intended to quit showbiz indefinitely. Well, we'll see! *wink*

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Singapore Win Bids to Host First Youth Olympics!

Yeah!!!!! International Olympics Council has just announced that Singapore will host the first Youth Olympics in 2010!!!!!

Countdown to Singapore Youth Olympics 2010!!!

Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? VS John McCain

I believe this US Presidential Campaign leading to US Presidential Election in November 2008 is one of the most exciting and ground breaking election campaigns worldwide.

Barack Obama whom had recently swept 10 straight triumphs over fellow Democratic Hillary Clinton seems to be the likely presidential candidate to campaign against Republician leading candidate John McCain.

What happened to Hilliary who seems to have a well-oiled machinery supporting her campaign since elected as Senator for New York 4 years ago?

He is the idealist with motivational speeches urging for change. She is the POWER-house politician with things in place as president. Who would American vote for as president? Perhaps John McCain?- who will support worldly peace (or for the oil? Oops...) by keeping US troops in Iraq? Maybe the conservatives will like John McCain?

But based on the Lunar Calendar Year this is the Year of Earth Rat. It signifies a bumpy year of change, so it seems that this Obama guy might had ride on the right year to likely win the presidential campaign. Hmm....let's see....4 Nov 2008.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Explain CPF LIFE Simply!

Recently Meanister Ng had annouced the compulsory annuity scheme (which had nicely renamed CPF LIFE) for Singaporeans 50 years old and below, starting from 2013.

Err.....please meanister, you are explaining the scheme to the public and many folks simply didn't quite understand your "chimealogy" of "Opt-in" when it's Compulsory. After all the announcement, news splashing two full pages of the Straits Times, the only take home message I believed we've got is,"I believe most of you will opt for payout at 80...".

First reaction - "Crazy ah?......opt 80 years old to start payout? Who of sound mind will choose this option?" I am rather excited to see the statistics of those people who opt for payout at 80 yrs old when it is implemented in 2013.

Don't mind, Meanister Ng, you might then be made a laughing stock out of this? Perhaps you may wish to take some cue from Meanister Khaw, who could put in simpler terms and yet explained in details, in announcing such important news to the public? Well, you may be trying to "cushion" the earlier strong reactions by Singaporeans regarding this compulsory annuity scheme. But we simply couldn't feel your sincere delivery in the speech, though you've got the 'brains'.

So for those who wants to find out in details, check this :
Quick guide to CPF LIFE

Lindsay Lohan's Mom "Nude Photos tastefully done"!

The photos are all done by Bert Stern who in 1962 shot a series of photos of Marilyn Monroe that have collectively come to be known as “The Last Sitting.”

Lindsay Lohan's nude pictorial in the current issue of New York magazine has received the stamp of approval from her manager-mom Dina. "It was tastefully done", said Lindsay's mom.

Do you agree?

Singapore Airshow 2008

The Singapore Airshow 2008 is on from 19-24 February at Changi Exhibition Centre.
Here's a showcase of over 800 leading companies from 42 countries from cutting-edge aircarft to state-of-art aerospace technology.

This is Asia's largest aerospace event.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lindsay Lohan poses nude as Marilyn Monroe!

Lindsay Lohan plays Marilyn Monroe between the sheets – literally – in the new spring fashion issue of New York magazine.

Lydia Sum (HK Celebrity Fei Fei) Dies!

Fei Fei, as everybody calls her, had died yesterday at 60 in Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong!

Must have been a torturing year for Lydia Sum, getting in and out of the hospital due to her liver cancer.

For some of those in the 30's and above, they probably remembered fondly growing up watching some of her hilarious shows and TV dramas.

Our condolences to her daughter and family.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Support Singapore Bid for Youth Olympics Game (YOG)

This may came a little late! But it's better to be late than never!

21 Feb is the annoucement date :

Hope Singapore will win, yo!

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