Saturday, November 8, 2008

Carina Lau & Pansy Ho Send Wedding Blessing to Michelle Reis & Julian Hui

Carina Lau and Pansy Ho, both Julian Hui's ex, send their blessing to Julian Hui and Michelle Reis who are reported to registed their marriage on 28 October. Carina Lau was once engaged to Julian Hui and Pansy Ho was Julian's ex-wife. Both were attending Bottega Veneta event on 6 November evening.Pansy Ho, casino tycoon Stanley Ho's daughter, even encourage the couple to have a baby soon.

Julian Hui dated actress Carina Lau in 1983 and broke up with her in 1986 when his family disapproved of their marriage. Whereas Pansy Ho married Julian Hui in 1991 before separating in 2000 and later divorcing in 2006.

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