Sunday, November 9, 2008

Michelle Reis Flew to London For Gynae Check-Up

Michelle Reis, 38, who had registered her marriage with boyfriend, Julian Hui on 28 October, apparently flew to London for her gynaecological check-up to avoid the Hong Kong paparazzi.According to Michelle's good friend,"Michelle flew to London to keep Julian company and at the same for her gynaecological check-up. Besides, Julian's friend had introduced a renowned gynae. Michelle also didn't want to do her check-up in Hong Kong in case she is shot by the Hong Kong paparazzi."

Michelle revealed further to her friend "Julian is really caring. He urged me to put on weight and had asked the maid to boiled medical soup for me. He is afraid that I'd skip lunch and keep me accompany for lunch occasionally. He also often brought me for tour, saying it'll increase the chance of having BB (baby)."

Michelle was also reported to be reading books on babies, drinking lot of tonic soup and designate a 1000 sq.ft. baby room in their new house in preparation for her first pregnancy.

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