Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Edison Chen and his Women in the Photos

Can you spot them? The women involved in Edison Chen's explicit photos scandal? They were labelled :

  • 1. "Suspected Celebrities Women"(first two column) - Maggie Q, Carina Lau, Shu Qi, Yang Qian Hua etc

  • 2. "Confirmed-In-Photos Women"(third fourth column) - Cecelia Chung, Gillian Cheung, Bobo Chan, Vincy Yeung etc.

  • 3. "Denial-Involvement-Women"(last column) - Xiao Ya Xuan and Jolin Tsai.
I'll highlight a few here that had grabbed most headlines.

No 1. Victim: Gillian Chung (Ah Jiao)
The sweet girl image in Hong Kong Pop Duo Group -Twins is totally destroyed. Labelled "fake", "pretentious" after her photos with Edison Chen in the lovemaking process were widely circulated in the internet. These photos apparently caught her legs wide open facing the camera. Gillian later acknowledged that she was "naive" in taking those photos . But she had to voluntarily declined several movie roles and ads accepted earlier.

No 2. Victim : Bobo Chan
She is widely accepted as the "most innocent" woman in the photos. Mainly because she was really dating Edison Chen when the photos were taken. Though the photos were not many compared to Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung, but it was believed the photos showing her sucking Edison xxxx caused her planned wedding with her rich businessman fiance at the end of year to be cancelled. Bobo is reported to be crying everyday since the scandal and recent rumours had that she is 3-months pregnant?

No 3. Victim : Cecilia Cheung

It is not surprising to people familiar to Hong Kong celebrities tabloid when Cecilia's nude or explicit photos were circulated. She is previously known to be a wild woman and love partying. Her ex-boyfriends are apparently the Chen's : Chen Xiao Dong(Taiwan pop singer), Chen Xiao Chun(HK A-list actor). But she is now married to Nicholas Tse and had a baby son with him. Nicholas Tse was reported to have removed his wedding band. No. 4 Victim : Vincy Yeung (Edison Chen's girlfriend)

Vincy Yeung is apparently the only woman (Oops....girl, she's 18 years old) that Edison Chen has publicly acknowledged as girlfriend. She is the niece of Albert Yeung, the triad boss of a huge Hong Kong entertainment group who control almost half of the stars in the industry. Vincy is still schooling in Boston,US and has stood by her man since the photos scandal. Edison Chen was reported to have proposed to her after the scandal and before he was back in Hong Kong for public apology. But she and her family had not accepted it and Edison Chen had threatened to slash his wrist and commit suicide. Edison denied this report.

One widely "Suspected Celebrities Women" : Maggie Q

Edison Chen had worked with her in the movie "GenCorp 2000"and was reported to go after her in the set after he romanced with another female co-star, Zhou Li Qi (lower pic)

"Denial involvement woman": Jolin Tsai
Taiwan Pop Star, Jolin Tsai had been strongly denying her involvement in Edison Chen's photo scandal. She had even publicly agreed to highly reward those who could produce her rumoured explicit photos recently. She also slammed another "denial involvement woman", Taiwanese Pop Singer, Elva Hsiao Ya Xuan for making unwanted "dead" swearing and claimed she did not need to resort to that.

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