Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gillian Chung Volunteers in China Sichuan Quake Area

Gillian Chung and her "Twins" partner, Charlene Choi have flew to China Sichuan quake area for a week of volunteer work amid the Chinese Autumn Festival. Both of whom was back in Hong Kong yesterday and Gillian was apparently in an upbeat mood,"I'm very happy and it's really meaningful (doing charity work)."
Gillian Chung, the woman at the centre of the infamous Edison Chen 's explicit photos saga, has a nose-dived career after her explicit photos were splashed across the internet earlier this year. Gillian has her lips sealed when asked if she would make a comeback for her entertainment career. She mentioned that her artiste management company, the Emperor Entertainment Group (ECG) will have all details.

According to a Chinese media report, Gillian Chung has leaked during her Sichuan quake performance that she and Charlene Choi will make a comeback for their group, "Twins" earlier next year. And apparently CEO of ECG has verifed that.

Well, do you hope the Twins will make a comeback next year?

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