Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BBC Apologised For Madonna Foul Language

Madonna used the f-word twice during a BBC "Radio 1 Big Weekend" gig live on BBC television and 2 radio stations. Although viewers and listeners had been warned there might be strong language, BBC still received complaints amid the broadcast .Madonna introduced her song "Hung Up" to fans at the concert in outskirt London, saying: “You guys are going to have to start f***ing it up out there ’cos I need to feel some love. I’m going to do an old song. But not too old. F**k the present. Let’s live in the past.”

Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe apologised on Saturday, saying: “An incredible performance . . . that said, a quick apology for those people who might have felt the content offensive.” The BBC later confirmed they did receive complaints.

But a BBC spokeswoman today declined to issue a further apology for Madonna's language on Saturday. "There was a very strong warning given at the beginning of the show. It was post watershed and at the end of the show Zane Lowe apologised if any offence had been caused," she added.

The BBC was also heavily criticised when Madonna, 49, swore at the Live Earth gig last year.

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