Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jang Hyuk Promotes His "Bulhan" TV Drama in Japan

Korean heart-throb, Jang Hyuk flew off today to Japan to promote his latest Korean drama "Bulhan" in Japan. This will be Jang Hyuk second trip to Japan after his earlier trip in March to promote another Korean drama "Thank you".He will be on one of the Japanese largest TV network, Fuji TV, and giving interviews to about 50 media tomorrow. After which on 12-13 May, Jang Hyuk will also meet about 3000 Japanese fans in Tokyo and Osaka respectively.
Jang Hyuk could possibly be one of Korean fastest rising star in Asia this year as he increased his promotion activities since the beginning of this year in various key Asia cities.In April, he went to Singapore promoting his new Hollywood movie "Dances of the Dragon" staring American actor, Jason Scott Lee, and Singapore actress, Fann Wong (Jackie Chan's sister in "Shanghai Knights"). And he is likely to walk the red carpet this month in the Cannes Film Festival promoting the movie.

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