Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elva Hsiao is a Sexy Speed Racer in Her New Music Video

Taiwan pop star, Elva Hsiao was a sexy speed racer in her new music video titled "More more more". Elva revealed a almost bare back with translucent black bra and was wearing a pair torn jeans that exposed her long legs in the new music video. The MV apparently cost about US$720k and was filmed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Elva Hsiao had reportedly trained hard to perfect her role in the new music video which required her to train in new dance steps and Chinese wushu. She was rumoured to have spent about 7 hours daily in the dance studio practising with only about 5 minutes rest. And a Chinese wushu instructor was also engaged to train her in the wushu scene (see pic below).
Elva Hsiao acknowledged that it was tough filming her new music video. She needs to endure being tied to a gauzed rope for the wushu scene almost the whole day, causing serious abrasion in her thighs and making her dizzy.

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