Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Andy Lau has Twin Daughters?

Lately, the Chinese media leaked that Andy Lau has a pair of 15-year-old daughters with Carol Zhu and both were studying in the UK. They claimed a veteran Hong Kong reporter showed them the photos (below) and the twins girls were born in 1994, two years after Andy Lau secretly married Carol Zhu in Canada.
The reports are rather conflicting as one of Andy Lau's best friend, Ken Tong, had earlier said that Andy is still together with Carol Zhu but did not have any children. According to past issue of Hong Kong's Next Magazine, Andy Lau married Carol in 1992 but has given birth to a daughter in 1996 instead (see pic below). At least one thing we are more affirmative about Andy Lau's love life is that Carol Zhu is his girlfriend or wife-to-be. But does Andy Lau have any daughter or twin daughters with Carol Zhu? Perhaps only Andy and Carol could answer the question or could you please?

*After notes: 2 days after the release of the twins photos, music recording company, Ocean Butterfly clarified that the photos belonged to their latest twins group B2Y. These photos are taken when they were young and the company did not know how it ended up as "Andy's twin daughters'.

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