Wednesday, May 7, 2008

John Mayer on Jennifer Aniston and His Photos

John Mayer opened up at Monday Met’s Costume Institute Gala about the photos of him and Jennifer Aniston in Miami last week. Here’s what he told the media:

[Assoicated Press]"double thumbs up. “You know what I did? I looked at it and I said, ‘That’s about right.’ What am I going to say, ‘That’s not me’? You carry on and you enjoy yourself and you continue to live with dignity and everyone has fun.”

[Entertainment Tonight]“Listen, this is not a scandal, this is not an issue, this is not a problem, this needs no spin control. This is me living my life and a guy with a really powerful lens and I don’t fault him, I don’t fault anybody, I don’t fault you, I don’t fault this or that. There are much worse problems in the world. Everything’s cool!”

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