Friday, May 23, 2008

Gillian Chung's Harsh Training Routine to Restage Comeback

Gillian Chung, the Hong Kong actress whose explicit photos were splashed all over the internet during the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal in February, is secretly training hard 7 days a week to restage a comeback in her celebrity career.

She was shot in a daily 9-hourly dance training routine yesterday in Hong Kong. Gillian was seen without make-up and had starting dancing from 10am till 7pm before she left the dance studio for home. And Gillian only grabbed a bite for lunch to keep her slim and fit.
Gillian Chung's manager from Emperor Entertainment Group, Mani said that Gillian is training hard at least 9 hourly for her dance and singing routine for 5 days per week, English and Kungfu lesson for twice a week.
She added that Gillian Chung might now be sent abroad for training since the dance studio location where she trained daily is discovered by the paparazzi,"I knew the media is concerned about her but all these lime light will distract and affect Gillian's training schedule".

"Gillian is positively facing the challenges of her future, I hope everybody could give her some encouragement and space (to grow)."

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