Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Carina Lau:"Tony Leung is Very Important to Me"

Carina Lau is in the latest issue of Hong Kong premier magazine "Style Lady". During the interview, she stressed that her beau of 20 years, Tony Leung, whom she'll marry at the end of this year, is very important to her even with the stream of rumours about her with other men all these years. Below is an excerpt of the interview.On marriage:"I hope to get married and really wish to put on the wedding gown, but I have witnessed too many broken relationships and the wedding ceremony, to me, is just a formality. Based on my (profound) relationship with Tony, it doesn't really matter whether we are married. Nevertheless, our years of relationship do not come easy, so I value the importance of this (wedding) ceremony."

On Tony Leung:"I'm very lucky to have him by my side all these years especially I have experienced more lows than highs.....there's somebody who admires, supports and gives you confidence....sometimes, after an awards ceremony, I'll tell him that I've lost again and asked him why didn't I get the award even after working so hard. He'll console me by saying that luck is not on my side yet....His voice is very important to me."

On her regrets:"My dad passed away without witnessing my wedding ceremony, that's what I could not compensate in any way; now that my mom is still alive, I hope I will not live with another regret in my life again.'"

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