Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tony Leung in New Movie "Red Cliff"

Tony Leung starred as a legendary strategist, Zhou Yu, in "Red Cliff". The historic war epic is based on a famous Chinese classic, The Three Kingdoms, which gets its inspiration from ancient Chinese history in the era of three kingdoms (220-280 BC). He apparently has a love scene with Taiwanese model, Lin Chi-ling, who co-star in the movie as his love life.
Other casts of Red Cliff are Takeshi Kaneshiro, Vicki Zhao Wei, Chang Chen, Lin Chi Ling, Zhang Fengyi, Koyuki, Nakamura Shido. Director is John Woo.("Face Off" and "Broken Arrow" fame)
Tony Leung will be walking the red carpet at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival on 17 May, with director John Woo and the other casts. Carina Lau, Tony's beau, is reported to be attending the film festival with him. They are rumoured to be announcing their wedding date on that day.

The first part of "Red Cliff" is expected to premiere on 8 July in Taiwan. The second and last part of the movie is tentatively scheduled for a December release.

Watch the Mandarin trailer here, Japanese trailer here.

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