Friday, May 9, 2008

Rain Ji-hoon's Love Letter to His Fans

Korean Pop superstar and actor(Taejo) in the Hollywood Movie, "Speed Racer", wrote a message on his blog thanking his fans while he was on a flight to London.

Rain wrote,"Now I’m on the way to London for the premiere of Speed Racer. It’s been long time for me to write a letter and especially I’m writing on the sky; very excited. I’ve read your writings to congratulate the 6th anniversary since my debut. I really appreciate all of you to have supported me all the time and have made today’s me. I will work much harder not to disappoint you. Around the time of Speed Racer’s opening, I might be shooting in Berlin after finishing the premiere.
Please keep on eye on and support Speed Racer. Stay healthy and happy until we meet again.

Rain is lately undergoing martial arts training for his lead role in an upcoming Hollywood action movie “Ninja Assassin". See his training pictures:

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