Friday, May 9, 2008

Nicole Richie's Family Bliss in June "Harper's Bazaar"

Nicole Richie and her family - baby daughter Harlow, boyfriend Joel Madden and dad Lionel Richie, were a picture of bliss in June 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. She talked about being a mom, boyfriend Joel, friends, having more children and how family life changed her. Excerpts of interview below :On putting her baby daughter, Harlow, on the cover of People Magazine: “The day before it came out, I was nervous, because there was going to be a picture of my daughter everywhere. But if I didn’t put a picture out, it would have been 10 times worse. I wanted to stop people trying to get pictures of her. I was just being a protective mom.”
On her celebrity friends: “.......they really love Harlow, like she’s theirs … my friends never go outside for smoke breaks anymore, they don’t curse, they are definitely more demure. It’s actually been really interesting.”
On her marriage and having more kids: "One day, yeah -not tomorrow, not today. We are committed to our family. I’m 26. I’ve definitely had a very eventful year. So right now, it’s about me enjoying my time with my daughter.....I want five children: twin boys and three girls. I’ve wanted that since I was a little girl.”

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