Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jang Hyuk Suprised Fans in "My Sassy Girlfriend"

Korean actor and hearthrob, Jang Hyuk has surprised his fans by making a cameo appearance in the brand new Japanese drama series entitled "My Sassy Girlfriend," a remake of a Korean film by the same title.

Jang Hyuk appeared in the first episode of the drama series, which was aired on Japan's TBS on April 20, with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, a member of the popular boy band SMAP, and Lena Tanaka.

Jang took on the role of Korean Hallyu star "Jang Hyuk" who appears in the dreams of Kusanagi and Tanaka. Taking revenge on Kusanagi for attacking his younger brother, he aims a gun at his enemy inside a warehouse located at a construction site.

Jang's management agency SidusHQ said the actor was able to get the role after he appeared as a guest on the "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi 2" talk show on Fuji TV on February 8. The director of the show reportedly added new scenes for Jang that were not included in the original script.

After shooting the episode, Kusanagi, said he had fun working with Jang Hyuk, whom he described as a down-to-earth and thoughtful gentleman who had a great talent for action scenes.

Jang is quickly becoming a star in Japan through the Korean films "Windstruck" and "Whasango" and the drama series "Thank You," which he starred in.

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