Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nicolas Sarkozy's Senior Aide Published "Paris Sex Guide" Book

A senior aide to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and speech-writer for France's foreign minister, has produced a controversial guide to Paris last month which appears to detail where to pick-up women for sex.

Pierre-Louis Colin, the 34-year-old author lists numerous areas of Paris or "quartiers" as they are known locally, notes the best observation posts, bars, supermarkets, parks, museums, metro trains and the best times of day the types of women ogling men can expect to find.

For example, Menilmontant is full of "perfectly shameless cleavages - radiant breasts often uncluttered by a bra".

While residents of Madeleine, a more upmarket area where France's First Lady Carl Bruni-Sarkozy (below pic) has a home, are noted for their "sublime legs".

He also gives many tips such as where to position oneself so as to get an "unbeatable view" up women's skirts as they climb a spiral staircase -- singling out the Café Louis-Philippe in the fourth arrondissement, or district.

He could find no guidebooks to the human wonders of Paris so he decided to produce his own. Colin insisted that the book, titled "Guide to the Pretty Women of Paris" or "Guide des jolies femmes de Paris", is "in the best possible taste".

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