Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rain makes Hollywood Debut with Film "Speed Racer"

Korean Pop Singer, Rain, makes his Hollywood film debut with the premiere of his new film "Speed Racer" in June.

The film premiere, to be held at the Tokyo Dome on June 25, will invite 35,000 audience members. The film will be screened on the world's largest 37 meter-by-17.5 meter screen. The film's producer, Wachowski brothers, are preparing to submit an application to the Guinness Book of World Records requesting the screen be included in the book's latest edition.

When the premiere of the film "Pearl Harbor" was held at the Tokyo Dome in 2001, 30,000 audience members watched the film on the then-largest movie screen of 35 meters-by-14.5 meters.

"Speed Racer" is the first film to be directed by the celebrated "Matrix" creators in five years. The film is based on a Japanese animated film entitled "Mach Go Go Go." The story revolves around a young car racer who dreams of glory and success. Rain had also agreed to be cast in "Speed Racer 2 & 3".

"Speed Racer" also features g.o.d member Park Jun-hyung. The film will open in theaters in Korea on May 8 and in Japan on July 5.

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