Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carina Lau and Tony Leung getting Married

Carina Lau had told the media yesterday she and Tony Leung are getting married soon. They are preparing for the wedding but had not fixed a date. Carina Lau was attending Miu Miu's new shop opening ceremony in Taiwan (see pic below) yesterday when she leaked the news to the media.
When asked if she is pregnant as rumoured earlier, Carina shaked her head and said,"Yes mean yes, No means need some good planning before having a baby and I am not ready to be a Mom yet".

Carina Lau also pretended to be suprised when asked if her diamond ring was a wedding gift from Tony Leung,"You are really sharp, I shall not elaborate further, you make the guess".

Nevertheless, she was simply in such an upbeat mood that even when digged with pressing question about her one term ex-squeeze, rich Taiwan businessman (see pic above), Guo Tai Ming's new beau, Carina only has praised for her,"Very pretty!".

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