Friday, April 25, 2008

Cecilia Cheung in Latest Premier Magazine issue as Cover Girl

Cecilia Cheung is the cover girl in the May issue of a Hong Kong premier lady magazine "Style Lady". It quoted Cecilia Cheung,"I'm a complete loser in love", in the cover.

The magazine has chosen to cast off Cecilia's involvement in the infamous Edison Chen's sex photo scandal and focus to portray her as a brave and daring woman.

In the interview, Cecilia Cheung was quoted as saying:

    "......I do not hate being a celebrity because it has let me earned lots of money and allowed me to take care of my family's expenses. But I'll leave the celebrity circle once I'm about 30 years old....when I find a good man waiting for me......"

    ".......To let a person remember you, you have to touch his heart and soul, not his house or money. I believe in eternal love, though I was hurt before, but I'll never gave up (looking for love)...."

    "When I was younger, I was stubborn and willful. Now that I have a family and son, I am firm and persistent......."
Cecilia also mentioned in the article that she would become a detective, looking for pinhole cameras in the hotels that she was staying during filming.

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