Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elva Hsiao Joins Stephanie Sun, Jolin Tsai & Zhang Hui Mei in EMI

Taiwan Pop Superstar, Elva Hsiao joins Stephanie Sun, Jolin Tsai and Zhang Hui Mei ("Four Asia Female Mega Pop Superstars") in EMI after signing her contract yesterday.
Elva Hsiao was in Beijing yesterday for her press conference and contract signing ceremony. She is currently recording her new album "I'll be there" and will be releasing it in June. EMI was also reported to be arranging movie deals for Elva.

Elva Hsiao was in high spirit and said she feels good to be back working with EMI again. Elva has left Warner Music to join EMI, which she had collaborated with 10 years ago. Her now Taiwanese colleague cum competitor, Jolin Tsai has generously sent a video recording congratulating her, saying that she hopes to have opportunities to work with Elva.

Media reports were also speculating about the possible cat fights between the four superstars with increasing competition for resources within EMI.

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