Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gillian Chung a Size Bigger after Vacation Break

Gillian Chung was spotted a size bigger yesterday in a furniture shop at Central, Hong Kong. She was one of the woman involved in Edison Chen's sex photo scandal and had taken a two months break after her career and sweet-girl-next-door image were tarnished by the scandal.Gillian Chung was accompanied by an assistant while shopping in the furniture shop "Addiction". Reporter spotted her with dark sunglasses, a mask, casually clad clothes and obviously wearing a diamond ring rumoured to be from her beau, Juno Mak. She is definitely more "rounded" and had apparently tried to use her long hair to cover her face to avoid public attention.

Gillian and her assistant quickly sneaked into the car waiting outside the shop when they discovered the paparazzi.
Below is Gillian's talent agency manager in Emperor Entertainment Group, Mani's response to queries :
(Why)Is Gillian in Hong Kong?
"I've never announced that she is overseas. These two months, Gillian had further her studies in English, dancing and Kung Fu in Hong Kong."

Is Gillian looking for furniture?
"Yes, her current house's rental contract is due and she is shifting to a new place."

She seems to put on weight?
"Gillian is studying now and has more time to herself compared to her working days where she had little rest time , so it's unavoidable."

Is Gillian and Juno Mak's love life getting hotter?
"These are just rumours.....good gracious..."

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