Monday, March 31, 2008

Gillian Chung to restage comeback after vacation leave

Gillian Chung's career almost came to a halt after her sex photos with Edison Chen were widely circulated a month ago during the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. One of the management in Emperor Entertainment Group(EEG) - Gillian's management agency, Mani, told the press yesterday that Gillian Chung will re-stage a comeback after her vacation cum enrichment courses in Japan. EEG stressed that Twins, Gillian Chung's singing duo group, will still continue to cut albums. However, Gillian and her partner, Ah Sa will be cast in different roles in the movies to differentiate their acting path and image. Mani said,"Gillian had reached a different level, she had matured and will not be typecast as the sweet girl next door image as she used to.....Gillian is now brushing up her singing, dancing skills and English language."

In fact, EEG also acknowledged that Gillian Chung might take on a role in a Hollywood movie on the Edison Chen's scandal; confirming earlier rumours. But they declined to reveal further details as it involved changing an initial cast, another Hong Kong actress, Liang Luo Shi, for the movie.

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