Monday, May 5, 2008

Miley Cyrus Performs at Disney But Didn't Address Topless Photo

Miley Cyrus returned to the stage for a concert in Orlando, Fla., but did not say anything about the recent controversy over her Vanity Fair portrait.

The 15-year-old star of Hannah Montana performed several songs at the Saturday concert that will be included in the Disney Channel Games series on the Disney Channel.

Miley Cyrus didn't attend Friday's red-carpet party for the games at Disney's Epcot Center, where she would have faced questions from the media.

Cyrus has said she was embarrassed by the photo, which shows her wrapped in a sheet with her back exposed.

She spotted a sign in the crowd Saturday that said "Miley I'm praying for you," and she responded: "I can't be more appreciative of that."

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