Monday, April 28, 2008

Andy Lau's Friend,"He's with Carol Zhu"

Andy Lau's friend Ken Tong has spilt the beans on him, saying that Andy and his long-time rumoured girlfriend Carol Zhu of 22 years have always been together. And that,"if they are to marry, that would be bearing fruit."

Andy Lau has recently refused to acknowledge his marriage news to Carol Zhu, but Ken Tong, his friend from their days in TVB's "Five Tigers", told the Chinese media that Andy has passed the age for marriage and might be too old later to have children. Ken also helped to clarify rumours that Andy Lau has a child with Carol,"As far as I know, he has no children."

Andy Lau replied the media yesterday during launching of his DVD-"Andy Lau's Hong Kong concert 2007" in Kowloon, Hong Kong,"I advise him(Ken) to talk I've said a few days ago, I do not wish to discuss this matter (love life)."

Andy said he will speak to Ken Tong in private when asked if he is angry with him splitting the beans.

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