Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andy Lau Refused to Acknowledge Marriage News

Hong Kong superstar, Andy Lau had yesterday refused to acknowledge his marriage news to long time girlfriend, Carol Zhu Li Qian of 22 years. He was attending "Andox Meets Blues Heroes Departure" Jeans Exhibition in Hong Kong and endorsing his creation "Andox", consisting of a black and white comic figure. Andy Lau was probed about his marriage news with Carol Zhu when he said that his private life will be revealed on his website in a 4-column comic strip with "Andox".
He smiled and said that he did not wish to dwell into this (marriage) issue as he was rather embarrassed at being cast in the limelight due to the recent reports of his marriage news. However, Andy leaked that, should he get married, he will put his marriage news on his website instead of informing the media. He also talked about his dream vacation would be in the Greek islands.

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