Friday, April 18, 2008

Andy Lau Getting Married!

Andy Lau is planning to wed long time rumoured girlfriend, Carol Zhu Li Qian, of 22 years by the end of this year, according to the latest issue of a Hong Kong tabloid magazine. Andy Lau, who had just won Best supporting actor, in the recent Hong Kong film awards, had apparently told his friends that he wanted to get married and have kids soon.Andy Lau himself has been leaking news of settling down and having kids since the beginning of this year. In the past,he totally refused to talk about his love life to the media or press.

Lately he even told the Taiwan media that he is ready to be a good husband and father. Andy Lau even donated to charity under both his and his girlfriend's name recently (see Donate slip below).

According to past issue of Next Magazine, Andy Lau, 46 years old had been together with former Miss Malaysia, Carol Zhu for 22 years. It alleged that they got married secretly in Canada in 1992, and gave birth to a daughter (see pic below) in 1996.

Andy once said in 2006, "If I want to have children, I will get married quickly, maybe 2-3 years later. I'll have a girlfriend and suddenly announced that I'm getting married."

During his Hong Kong concert on 5 January 2008, which Carol Zhu appeared as an audience towards the end of the show, Andy Lau sang the song titled "Ah Soh" (literally means my wife in Cantonese). Then he said: "There's one woman that you're finding for 20 years and cannot photograph her, because she knew how to transform herself." Thereafter, he pulled a female dancer towards him and teased his fans: "You can called her Ah Soh.". His fans then shouted out Carol's name, it seemed that the fans were willing to accept Carol Zhu as Mrs Andy Lau.

In preparation, he seems to have cut down his work loads this year, taking on only another romatic movie and some advertising deals. Andy Lau even told his company that he wanted more time for himself at the end of this year to settle some private matters.

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