Monday, October 6, 2008

Angelina Jolie Crushed Rumours on Break Up with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have made their first public appearance together since the birth of their twins at the premiere of her film "The Changeling" in New York.

The couple, who welcomed their fifth and sixth child Knox and Vivienne in July, were a picture of bliss as they walked the red carpet.However Angelina admitted the couple are 'exhausted' by looking after their young brood.

On finding time for romance with Brad Pitt: "Even if we lock the door, the children come knocking,.....we often try to have a bath alone together at the end of the night and sit and talk, but they hear the water and want to jump."

Angelina Jolie has had the tattoo amended with the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of the birthplace of her twins, Vivienne and Knox. (above pic)

Of the babies : "The twins are just the sweetest little things. They lay next to each other. They're starting to smile a lot. Knox looks like Brad and Vivienne looks more like me. They are developing interesting personalities. Knox seems more relaxed and Vivienne is more loud."
The night before, she joined veteran Hollywood star Clint Eastwood and actress Amy Ryan in at a dinner in New York for her new film. Wearing a belted metallic grey trench coat and high-heeled black boots the actress posed happily for waiting photographers.Before the premiere, Angelina took Maddox, Pax and Zahara shopping for art supplies at Lee's Art Store in Manhattan.

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