Friday, October 10, 2008

Nicholas Tse & Cecilia Cheung - The Lovers' Showcase

Nicholas Tse & Cecilia Cheung showcase their re-ignited love to the public yesterday in Hong Kong Central once again.Nicholas Tse was apparently on leave yesterday and went shopping with his wife, Cecilia Cheung, one the female celebrities involved in Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal earlier this year. Their love life took a toll and was nearly on the verge of a divorce during the scandal.Love comes back to Nicholas & Cecilia in style, with both in black, and displaying their affection publicly. They both first shopped at Juicy Couture at IFC where Cecilia bought a T-shirt & some accessories, apparently for donation as half the proceeds will go to a breast cancer foundation.Later in the afternoon, the couple went for a drink at a cafe near the Hong Kong harbour till sunset. Cecilia also bought some milk powder for their two-year-old son, Lucas, later; which led Nicholas Tse to reply the media,"I'll feed you the milk powder if you ask again." on Cecilia Cheung's miscarriage. Cecilia reportedly had a miscarriage early last month.Cecilia told the media she enjoyed her present state of life and as for her comeback to acting career, she said her manager is looking into some scripts and has no concrete plans yet.

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zhaihannee said...

You sure do a very quick update! Thank you. I always come to visit this blog daily to see the gossips!

I don't have much comment on their relationship. Frankly speaking, I don't like celebrities marriage to be so fragile. I'm happy that things turn out to be positive.

MerlionKayPoh said...

:-) Hi zhaihannnee, thanks for the frequent visit!

I suppose celebrities marriage are much more difficult to maintain due to all the media limelight. But you are right, I share with you that at least things turn out postive for Nic & Cecilia.

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