Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Andy Lau World Tour Concert 2008 in Sydney

Hong Kong superstar, Andy Lau held his World Tour Concert in one Sydney, Australia on Sunday, 5 October. As with his other concerts, Andy surprised his audience with different costumes, this time a space suit, an Peking opera suit and even appearing with a white lion! (see pic below)

And Andy Lau did it again! As with his January 2008 concert in Hong Kong, he teased his fans about getting married soon. And that in this Sydney concert, he brought his "girlfriend" along and hoped that his fans would addressed her as "Dai Sou" (literally means wife in Cantonese).
But Andy Lau certainly didn't bring Carol Zhu, his rumoured girlfriend of 23 years, along. Instead "Andox" - the puppet that Andy created came onstage to sing with him.

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