Friday, October 17, 2008

Tony Leung in Japan to Promote "Red Cliff"

Hong Kong actor, Tony Leung flew to Tokyo yesterday for Tokyo Film Festival to promote his new movie "Red Cliff" directed by Hong Kong director, John Woo. He will also attend Japanese hearthrob, Takuya Kimura's show "SmapxSmap".Tony Leung also brushed aside gossips that his wife, Carina Lau, went to pray at the temple for a son,"There's such gossips almost every day, no comment from me." But he admitted that the finanancial tsunami that hit various world economy had hurt his pockets,"I'm definitely affected, economy recession affects everyone, hope it'll recover soon."

Interestingly, he bumped into Taiwanese idol, Wu Chun, and his fans, while checking-in the airport, and he teased the reporters,"Who has more fans?".

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