Friday, October 10, 2008

Maggie Cheung Getting Married End 2008

Maggie Cheung, 44, is getting married to her German architect boyfriend, Ole Scheeren, 37, at the end of this year, according to Hong Kong media reports. Maggie Cheung was first spotted in Hong Kong last Tuesday trekking with Ole, who is currently working and based in Beijing. (see pic below)On the following day, she has apparently arranged her mom and sister (see pic below) to meet Ole in their apartment so as to discuss their wedding plans.
Closed friends had revealed that Maggie Cheung hopes that her mother, 70, who had ailing health, could attend her wedding this time. During her previous marriage to French businessman in France, only Maggie's sister manage to turn up.

Last Friday, Maggie Cheung's mom and sister refused to answer on the queries by the paparazzi that Maggie Cheung could possibly hold her wedding at end of this year.

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