Monday, October 27, 2008

Lynn Xiong Left Aside While Aaron Kwok Celebrated His Birthday

Aarok Kwok, one of Hong Kong's four heavenly king, celebrated his 43rd birthday yesterday eating steamboat with his pal, fellow actor Julian Cheung, instead of his rumoured girlfriend, Lynn Xiong.Aaron Kwok had initially planned to play cue with Julian Cheung (above pic) on the midnight of 26 October. But he had to cancel his plan after he ended his 15-hr of filming around 2am. And he went to his favourite steamboat at Wan Chai yesterday evening with Julian Cheng arriving later.Reporters who camped outside Aaron Kwok's apartment, hoping to catch Lynn Xiong visiting him during Aaron's birthday were left disappointed as Lynn Xiong went for shopping in Causeway Bay instead. She was in the limelight when she spent nights with Aaron Kwok on her birthday earlier this month.

Lynn was still in a terribly good mood despite not being seen celebrating Aaron Kwok's birthday under the media glare. Perhaps with passers-by calling her "Mrs Aaron Kwok" or "Aaron's girfriend" says it all.

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