Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kelly Chen's Wedding Details Leaked

Hong Kong singer, Kelly Chen, who is marrying Alex Lau, her boyfriend of 16 years in Hotel Inter-continental later at 1pm (HK time), has her wedding deatils leaked by the Hong Kong media this two days. Kelly Chen has announced her wedding news on 18 June this year during her concert in Hong Kong.Media reported that Kelly Chen Hui Lin's original name is Vivian Chen Hui Wen (see her notice of intended marriage below) and is actually a year older than her beau.The wedding is also apparently going to cost HK$2.3M including a CEO suite with a wading pool at the hotel. (see pic below)
Kelly and Alex had invited guests enough for 50 tables and media reported each tables cost HK$13,888 with exquisite delicacies included in the dinner menu.Kelly Chen had said in earlier reports that she hoped to have children after getting married and will continue her singing career.

Check out for Kelly's wedding day news and photos later.

Updated : Kelly Wedding day news & photos here & here.

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