Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hong Kong Actress Carol Cheng Break Up with David Lui Fong

Hong Kong veteran actress, Carol Cheng aka Do Do, breaks up with fellow singer boyfriend, David Lui Fong, of 16 years, Hong Kong media reported yesterday. She cited differences in lifestyle for the break up,"He has lots of friends, like to stay up late; I prefer not to entertain and wake up has nothing to do with money or any third party involved.....".Carol Cheng's good friends, actress Lisa Wong and DJ Eileen Cha, were both stunned when they heard the news. In her sms message reply to Eileen, Carol simply wrote,"Ok. I'm alright. Thanks for the concern."

The couple was reportedly planning for wedding last year but David Lui said,"I didn't propose to her in the end because I knew that she didn't want to tie the knot, I respect her."

Carol Cheng, 51, had known David Lui, 44, in 1991 during a performance in Malaysia and were together since end of 1992.

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