Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maggie Q in New Movie "Need for Speed Undercover"

Maggie Q is starring in new movie "Need for Speed Undercover" as a cop, Chase Linh, who recruits and trains undercover in an imaginary city, Tri-city. The movie will premiere in US on 18 November and Europe on 21 November.

During the promotion for the movie yesterday in Hong Kong, Maggie Q daringly spoke about Edison Chen, the man at the centre of an explicit photos scandal earlier this year, when asked by the reporters. She denied her involvement in the photo scandals.She thinks that Edison and the female celebrities involved are all victims of the scandal, whose private photos of their sexual acts were stolen and circulated on the net. Maggie felt that the media should have been more "protective" of their privacy.Maggie said she still meet up with Edison Chen in the US; praises him as young and handsome lad who had no issues getting girlfriends.

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