Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rain Ji-hoon Had Depression!

Korean superstar, Rain, told the Korean media lately that he had depression, and that caused him profound pain. It happened while he was filming his first Hollywood movie "Ninja Assassin" in the US.Rain said,"During that period (in the US), I had severe depression and survived through the thoughts of the support given by my fans." He later also developed fear for heights and space while filming "Ninja Assassin" in the lift for 2 hours.

Korea had lately been marred by a bout of suicidal news by Korean celebrities like Choi Jin Sil. And Rain hoped that by speaking on his depression, it would encourage other celebrities to seek treatment for their mental illness instead of using suicide as only alternative.

Rain had just launched his 5th album "Rainism" on 15 October in Korea after he came back from his Hollywood acting career.

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zhaihannee said...

I was very sad when I knew that Choi Jin Sil commit suicide. I shed tears. She was my first favourite Korean actress back in 1996/7 in the drama Wish Upon A Star. I had never been so sad knowing of news related to celebrities' death such as Leslie Cheung's death until this one came. I believed that any forms of working do push some depression on us. Starting to become a teacher had made me gone nuts. I was depressed with my work. I hope everyone treats their depression in a positive manner. Think positive. Life is precious. Everyone is treasured.

MerlionKayPoh said...

Hey, zhaihannee, I like the fact that despite you being depressed in your work, you still keep a positive thought.

I strongly believe that nobody should just take their own life just like that. The "obstacles" are just part of our life journey, dun you think so?

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