Monday, October 13, 2008

Lynn Xiong Spent Nights with Aaron Kwok

Hong Kong singer cum actor, Aaron Kwok, 42, spent two nights with model Lynn Xiong at his flat. (see pic below) Aaron Kwok has been linked with China born Lynn since 2006 but the two have never admitted being a couple and had largely avoided being photographed together.

But on the eve of Lynn's 28th birthday last Thursday, she let the paparazzi trail her as she drove from her flat to Aaron Kwok's condominium, just 5 minutes away.She was snapped carrying her pet dog and taking the lift up shortly before mid night.Two SUVs with six bodyguards were sent by Aaron apparently to sent Lynn home on Saturday morning. She was wearing the same clothes on Thursday and holding her dog. She looked tired and refused to answer reporters' questions.Lynn was an obscure model until her rumoured romance with Aaron Kwok, known as one of Hong Kong's four Heavenly Kings.

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