Monday, May 5, 2008

Edison Chen's Sister Confirmed His Christianity

Edison Chen's sister, Trician, was back in Hong Kong yesterday for an event when she confirmed earlier rumours that Edison Chen is now a Christian and that he will be back on 6 October in Hong Kong for the sex photo scandal trial.She said that Edison Chen had slimmed down tremendously and was extremely unhappy after the scandal, as if he had aged 10 years older. But the family is now happy as they joined Edison in believing in Christianity.

She elaborated that Edison prays everyday after the scandal broke out and had found peace and gained a lot strength from it. "Lately my mum met Edison, he has been eating healthily and jogging, he is back to normal and is positive.....he is also busy in US meeting、casting after signing William Morris Agency,"Trician added.

Trician also revealed that Edison Chen is still meeting his girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, who is currently studying in Boston. She said that Vincy and her family are very supportive of him.

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