Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Edison Chen Requests Court Not to Name the Women Celebrities

Edison Chen has made a request to the Hong Kong Court not to reveal the names of those female celebrities whose photos are not leaked or publicised in the net when his sex photo scandal trial begins on 6 October.

According to a media report, Edison Chen had admitted to the court yesterday through his lawyer that the sex photo scandal might involved more female celebrities whose sex photos has not been circulated on the net. He wanted their names not to be revealed in court to protect them from any humiliation or hurt that might results from the hearings

At the same time, Edison is also suing Hong Kong "Fast Magazine" for defamation. The magazine has apparently published an article titled "Hong Kong Police leaked that Wealthy Family Daughters involved in Edison Chen's photo scandal" in issue No.498 on 1 March. He requested for compensation and a court order for the magazine not to publish further any related articles.

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