Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Edison Chen's New Sex Photos?

Edison Chen's sex photos still create enormous interest. When Hong Kong had the sex scandal's preliminary trial last Thursday, 24 April, the internet started a round of rumours saying that Kira (the man who loaded the initial batch of photos) will release a new set of sex photos on that day.

Here is what many "die-hard" fans found : 3 photos of Edison Chen with a sexy hot babe on a sofa.....

Wait a minute.....before you save the pictures and gonna blog that Edison Chen has new sex photos......Here's what Edison Chen "die-hard" fans did not see ....

What's going on?

The first 3 photos are actually shots taken from an episode of Edison Chen's "MTV Unusual Dream" programme where he went around with a crew teasing people. In this particular episode, Edison Chen was in turn being teased and "seduced" by a hot babe planted by the crew.

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