Sunday, April 27, 2008

Edison Chen Talks about His Sex Photo Scandal

Edison Chen discussed about his sex photo scandal at length with one of his friend cum business partner, Jeff Ng, in his New York office. And his friend blog about it with Edison Chen's latest photo posted last week on 17 April.Edison Chen's friend wrote about their views on the sex photo scandal,".........A friend of mine stopped by the other day and we had a nice long discussion about THE TRUTH. It's interesting what people read and what people believe. Sometimes, the truth is simply one question away from being discovered. People are quick to judge. People are quick to point fingers and quick to blame...........But how many people actually stopped and just asked "what really happened?" No one really knows and no one really needs to know. What's important is that homey is still smiling. Big up EDC..........".

Seems like Edison Chen is stirring up some news again?

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