Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Edison Chen's Sex Photo Scandal : Jolin Tsai & Kelly Chen nude photos

A website revealed yesterday that the latest issue of Hong Kong "Eastern News Magazine" had published a series of new female celebrities nude photos involved in Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. The females stars included Kelly Chen (See first pic below), Jolin Tsai, Yang Chen Lin(see second pic below), Zhou Li Qi and other Hong Kong female celebrities.
But many fans doubted the photos as they tipped that the body and the face of the female stars are unproportional. They also teased that it must be a April's fool day joke.
The HK magazine had apparently published only one nude photo of each female celebrity and claimed that these were the latest photos from the Edison Chen's photo scandal. Some smarter fans also said that if these nude photos are really from Edison Chen's laptop, the magazine would have splashed the photos all over the first page instead of having Tony Leung and Carina Lau anchoring the first page. What do you think?

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