Monday, March 17, 2008

Leon Lai is married to Gaile!

Hong Kong star, Leon Lai had acknowledged that he married girlfriend, Gaile of 3 years on last Thursday, 13 March.
Leon Lai had intended originally to keep the wedding a secret by holding it in an exclusive island in Maldives on last Thursday, but the Hong Kong media - The Sun, got news of it yesterday. Apparently, Leon Lai and Gaile had only invited about 10 close friends to attend their wedding in the only resort hotel at the Maldives island.

The couples had held two nights (cost about HK$93,402 per night) of party after their wedding ceremony. Their close friend had leaked that Leon had also proposed to Gaile at Maldives, the couples favourite haunt for holiday.

It was also reported that Leon Lai will be absent this Tue for his new film premiere to spend time with his newly wed wife. He had earlier rushed to finish his publicity for his new film "Jiang Shan Mei Ren" so that he could go on honeymoon after the wedding. The Sun also mentioned that Leon and Gaile might register their marriage when they are back in Hong Kong as the Maldives' marriage certificate is not recognised in Hong Kong.

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