Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maggie Cheung's Simple Life in Beijing

Superstar Maggie Cheung has forgone her celebrity high life for a simple life with her German architect beau, Ole in Beijing. She was lately spotted in Beijing leading a typical housewife routine like taking public transport to the supermarket, cooking for her beau and occasionally accompanying Ole to a business dinner (see pic below).She is apparently staying with Ole, currently an expatriate in Beijing, in an up class district of Beijing CBD area.
Nevertheless, Maggie Cheung still obliged when some fans (like the waitress in pic below) requested for her autograph or signature.
One of Maggie Cheung's girlfriend had written in her blog that she was leading a very happy and fruitful life in Beijing. And she will often visit an arts factory "798" with Ole, who is an ardent arts lover.

Reports mentioned that Maggie is already in Beijing for more than 6 months and likely to stay till end of next year, when Ole completes his building project on CCTV Tower.

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